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Chipping Away At Our Open Green Spaces

cheam park potting shedHere’s something that might interest all Cheam Park friends, members and residents.  This public notice – one of three that involves Cheam Park – appeared this week in the local newspaper.  Having given over a section of the park’s facilities to a commercial organisation for a nursery, this is another example of the the spectre of creeping commercialisation of our open green spaces.  And here are a few questions you might be asking:

  • Where was this initiative discussed?
  • Was the Friends of Cheam Park committee consulted?
  • Were local residents made aware of this?
  • Is this included in the Parks Strategy document?
  • Does the Council receive any income from this and does it benefit the Park in anyway?

It appears the wood workers may already have been using the facility for some time, which raises the question – who authorised that and from where do these wood workers come?

We will do our best to keep you updated.  If you have any comments or views, please let us know.

Sutton 2031 – Help Shape The Vision For The Next 15 Years

sutton2031In case readers have missed the leaflets that have been coming through our letterboxes recently, here is a reminder that Sutton Council has initiated a public consultation and Sutton 2031 is your chance to help shape the vision for growth in the borough for the next 15 years.

Sutton is growing, and there is a need for the provision of housing, jobs and infrastructure to meet local need. That means new schools; transport links; office, industrial and retail premises.

There are three main elements to Sutton 2031, one of which – Local Plan Issues and Preferred Options – includes green spaces and with this Council voting for commercial premises in green spaces, this may well be an area of interest to supporters and members of Cheam Park.

A series of exhibitions and open meets are scheduled including:

Cheam Wednesday 24th February at St Christopher’s Church Dallas Road Cheam Exhibition 4pm to 6.30pm and Open Meeting 7pm to 9pm.

Cheam Saturday 5th March Exhibition 1pm to 4pm Cheam Village near Lloyds Bank.

You can read more online here Sutton 2031

Local newspaper article on the planned development

newspaper article on Stable BlockThis week’s local newspaper, the Sutton Guardian has a report headlined “anger over plan for stable” and contains coverage of the planning meeting last week where the decision was made and also comments from residents and local politicians.

For those of you who do not receive the local newspaper, the on-line version can be accessed here (you will have to sign up with an email address) and you can then select the publication of your choice.  The article itself  is on page 10, which can be accessed here.

Development Decision for Cheam Park

IMG_0945A controversial plan to build a nursery in Cheam Park was passed at Wednesday’s planning committee meeting. Residents opposed to the construction proposed for the old stables site in Tudor Close, who live near and next to the park attended Sutton Council’s planning meeting.  They had made their objections quite clear and had presented the Council with a petition of over 300 names of residents, who were opposed to the development of such a large commercial operation.

This development will add further pressure to a small cul-de-sac road in a residential area that already has problems with traffic making its way into the park.  That’s on top of whether or not commercial activities such as this in a park area are an appropriate use of the facility, along with the cost element to “fix” the roof.  As there is already discussion about closure of other local nursery provision, one wonders if there is any joined up thinking between the Planning Department and Service provision in Sutton Council.

The whole process has left more questions than answers and over the coming week or so we will post some of those questions and seek further comment from residents and regular users of the Park.  In the meantime, we would welcome your comments and views.

Friends of Cheam Park AGM

cheam park megaThe Friends of Cheam Park held their Annual General Meeting this evening at the Prince of Wales public house (thank you PoW for your hospitality).  A well-attended meeting heard more about the proposed development of the stable block that was allowed to fall into a sad state of repair by the Council, contrary to the terms that were made when the facility was bequethed to the local authority.

After election of officers and committee members – details to follow – the main focus of discussion was the proposed development of this site within the Park.  Suffice to say there was an over-whelming majority who were opposed to the development. More details will be available in the minutes of that meeting.

Readers are reminded that the Planning Application comes before the Planning Committee on Wednesday 21st October at 7.30pm.

Those attending the meeting also heard about all the things that were being done in the Park.  This writer for one looks forward to hearing when the Parks Department, and thus the Council, will actually discuss these projects with the Committee, rather than it hearing about these initiatives second hand!

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