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Can you help?

Over this coming year, we have a number of projects planned or under discussion for Cheam Park and the Recreation Ground.  However, to achieve our goals, we do requires some assistance.  Here are some initial details:

We have two fairs coming up in Cheam over the next two weeks – Cheam Charter Fair week, with the Fair on Saturday 20th May from 9am to 1pm and The Rotary Fair in Cheam Recreation on Monday 29th May.  The intention is to have a stall at both of these events to promote Cheam Park and the work that the Friends group undertakes.

We also plan to do some pond clearance in the late Summer and Autumn, which will require a bit of digging.

We need some volunteers to:

  • Help on the stall at Cheam Charter Fair (Saturday 20th May) to hand out membership forms*
  • Help on the stall at the Rotary Fair in the Park (Monday 29th May) to distribute membership forms*
  • Pond digging in later September, early October.

If you can help at any of these events, please email us at info@cheampark.org.uk and we will keep you advised. *A half hour or an hour at each event would be helpful,

Design a Cheam Charter Competition

Can you design a Cheam Charter?

The Friends of Cheam Library are running a competition and invite you to design and submit your idea for a Cheam Charter.  The competition is open to youngsters between the ages of 4 and 16 years and is to celebrate Cheam Charter Fair week.

All entries submitted will be displayed in Cheam Library, and there will be a prize for the best and most imaginative charter.  The rules are:

  • For ages 4 to 16
  • poster charter to be no bigger than A4
  • Black and white or colour are acceptable
  • Please print your contact details on the reverse side
  • Hand your masterpiece to one of the Library staff or volunteers by Saturday 20th May 2017

A quick look around the library or on the internet will help you to see what some Charters looked like.

So design hats on and let’s see what you can come up with!

Don’t get caught out – Cheam Library Car Park

We are fortunate that parking in Cheam Park is currently free, so this is just a quick alert about car parking in Cheam Village – the car park behind the Library now has parking ticket machines that require you to input your vehicle registration number when purchasing a ticket.  The registration number must be entered correctly – if a displayed ticket is discovered to have incorrect details, expect a penalty charge.

Of course this has nothing to do with car-parking, or enhancing or maintaining the car park as such, it is another mechanism to extract money from motorists and to stop them from passing their tickets with any unexpired time on to fellow motorists – a ruse that has always been against the rules.

Rather than wasting funds on this technology, perhaps the Council should review car parking charges and allow a little more flexibility in short term parking charges and reduce the hourly rate.  If you visit the Library for just 10 minutes, why should you have to pay for an hour?

You’ve been warned..!  We would welcome your views – comment below.


Cheam Charter Fair 2017

Cheam Charter Fair 2017 is almost upon us – Saturday 20th May from 9am to 1.00pm in Park Road Cheam

This will be the 758th Annual Fair.  The fair is thought to date back to 1259 when Henry III granted Cheam a charter making it a town. Firm historical records of Cheam Charter Fair date back to the 1800s when a fairground accompanied the market.

Friends of Cheam Park will be having a stall at the Fair.  Come along, support us and other stall holders and enjoy the fun.

All sorts of stalls and events planned for the day – and the whole of Cheam Charter Fair week, which runs from Saturday 13th May to Sunday 21st May.

If you would like to display a poster, to download, click fair poster

Visit the official Cheam Charter Fair websiteCheam Charter Fair


Commercial development update in Cheam Park

Just to advise our readers that we understand the works on the commercial development to build a children’s nursery in Cheam Park will commence on Monday 10th April.  Security fencing and hoarding will be installed, and as a result, the disabled access toilet will also be closed until further notice.  The suggestion has been made to use toilets at Cheam Park Cafe. Quite correctly and helpfully, the Cafe owner has advised that there are currently no disabled access toilets at the Cafe in case that is a problem for some.  But all are welcome.

We will keep readers updated on progress of the commercial development of the Old Stables in the green space currently known as Cheam Park.


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