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Don’t get caught out – Cheam Library Car Park

We are fortunate that parking in Cheam Park is currently free, so this is just a quick alert about car parking in Cheam Village – the car park behind the Library now has parking ticket machines that require you to input your vehicle registration number when purchasing a ticket.  The registration number must be entered correctly – if a displayed ticket is discovered to have incorrect details, expect a penalty charge.

Of course this has nothing to do with car-parking, or enhancing or maintaining the car park as such, it is another mechanism to extract money from motorists and to stop them from passing their tickets with any unexpired time on to fellow motorists – a ruse that has always been against the rules.

Rather than wasting funds on this technology, perhaps the Council should review car parking charges and allow a little more flexibility in short term parking charges and reduce the hourly rate.  If you visit the Library for just 10 minutes, why should you have to pay for an hour?

You’ve been warned..!  We would welcome your views – comment below.


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